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Up close and personal with burlesque star Fancy Chance

Posted at 1:00 pm, May 12, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment

© Fancy ChanceWe talk Eurovision with comedienne, burlesque clown and cabaret star Fancy Chance:

Are you a fan of Eurovision?
I had NO idea what people were going on about when I first moved to the UK, but upon watching it I suddenly found my life had purpose.

What will you be performing at Alternative Eurovision?
I will be representing North Korea. I’ll be coming out as Kim Jong Il (more or less) and then singing ‘Kiss’ by Prince. They have the same hair and cult of personality so I mashed them up. At first I thought I’d be from Tuva or something but I can’t do Tuvan throat singing so gave up on that idea quickly.

Why should you win Alternative Eurovision?
North Korea doesn’t just want to win, they want to DOMINATE.

You are the current reigning Alternative Miss World. How would winning ‘Alternative Eurovision’ compare?
I’d be representing an insane country rather than my friends’ art and our funny ideas.

Would you perform something different if you had a chance to go on the real thing?
I’d want to do something that involved Spandex, Cliff Richard, big hair and the blowtorch.

Terry Wogan or Graham Norton?
Terry Wogan in a heartbeat. He’s more of a baritone.

What is your fave previous Eurovision act/winner?
I liked the Russians on the tiny ice rink in 2008. The element of danger mixed with the ‘why?!’ was overwhelming and I think I inhaled my popcorn during that act.

What else you up to at the mo?
Revving up for festival season. Working on a stage piece of Nathan Evans called “I Love You But We Only Have 14 Minutes to Save the Earth” and gathering strength to get funding for a durational performance art project I’m working on with Miss Behave and Dusty Limits.

Tell us a secret?
I have 3 stars on all the levels of Angry Birds.

Fancy Chance will perform tomorrow at Time Out Live’s ‘Alternative Eurovision’: book now.

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