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The Time Out Playlist: the music team exclusively reveals this week’s must-hear tracks

Posted at 5:30 pm, June 10, 2011 in Music & Nightlife

© Broken Social SceneThose on Time Out’s music desk get to listen to lots of exclusive tracks before everyone else. Which means they are wise and, like the tunes they choose, well worth listening to. This is what they’ll be blasting out of the stereo this week:

“The Horrors’ ‘Still Life’: new single from the pretzel-thin hipsters’ upcoming third album, ‘Skying’. Forget the garage-psych aggression and the krautish, electronic noise – here they go for a pure pop song.” Sharon O’Connell

“This might be one of the most graphic music videos for an indie act I’ve ever seen. Wild child Bijou Phillips wields an axe with menace and love whilst miming to the somnambulant chimings of Broken Social Scene’s (above) ‘Sweetest Kill’.” Kim Taylor Bennett

“I can’t get enough of Entrepreneurs, aka Adam Crisp’s surreal Clockwork Orange-eerie, scuzz-electro track ‘Revenge Platter’ from his EP ‘Uv Been Robbed (Joking, But Not)’.” Danielle Goldstein

“Ms Dynamite’s reggae, dancehall and D&B sourcing Labrinth-collaboration, ‘Neva Soft’. Sod Nichola Roberts: this is the pop comeback of the year.” Alexi Duggins

“It turns out Crabman from ‘My Name Is Earl’ is even better at making Afro-electro-bashment-funk than he is at pretending to be a waiter.” Eddy Lawrence

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