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The Time Out Playlist: the music team exclusively reveals this week’s must-hear tracks

Posted at 3:00 pm, June 17, 2011 in Music & Nightlife

Gillian Welch © John ChiassonThose on Time Out’s music desk get to listen to lots of exclusive tracks before everyone else. Which means they are wise and, like the tunes they choose, well worth listening to. This is what they’ll be blasting out of the stereo this week:

“‘I had no desire to be a child of sin, then you went and pressed your whiskers to my cheek’. Gillian Welch (above) serves up yet another languid Nashville country classic with ‘Tennessee’ from new album ‘The Harrow and the Harvest’ (released June 27), this time in austere flirtation with whisky, beef steak and the tune of Henry Lee.” Bella Todd. Pre-order album now at roughtrade.com.

“Ok I admit it. I liked Cher Lloyd when she stomped onto the X Factor stage, wonkily sing-spitting out of one side of her face. Sadly subsequent performances and tabloid reports have dulled our enthusiasm and now her debut single ‘Swagger Jagger’ has killed any last shred of interest dead in the water. It also rips the melody from ‘Oh My Darling, Clementine’.” Kim Taylor Bennett

“Norway’s latest young (they’re all 19) outfit Razika is my latest audio crush, especially the ultra poppy ‘Vondt I Hjertet’, which is laced with sweetly sung ’60s harmonies and taken from their debut LP ‘Program 91’, out on August 22.” Danielle Goldstein

“This week I’m wrestling with whether talent excuses odiousness, thanks to Odd Future side project, MellowHype. Mysogynistic scumbags they may be, but you can’t argue with switched-on lyricism and horrorshow beats darker than winter in the Arctic Circle.” Alexi Duggins

Future Islands‘ ‘Before the Bridge’: If you’re fed up to the back teeth with retro synth-pop, then bend an ear to this Baltimore-based trio’s driving and sweetly twisted newie, which melds New Order with Underworld.” Sharon O’Connell

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