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Dinosaur Jr, Villagers and Wolf People play at HMV Oxford Circus to launch Mojo’s Honours List 2011

Posted at 3:30 pm, June 27, 2011 in Music & Nightlife

Dinosaur Jr © Brantley GutierrezDinosaur Jr’s (above) commitment to playing mind-warpingly loud gigs is so intense that on their 2007 reunion tour, J Mascis’s stage set-up looked like he’d tried to build himself into a fort of Marshall stacks. Crowd members staggered out with the happily dazed smile of the lobotomised (our ears didn’t stop ringing for a week). So we can only hope that there’s plenty of hazard tape available this Thursday (6-8pm) when Mascis and co are let loose upon HMV Oxford Circus to launch Mojo’s annual awards, alongside Villagers and Wolf People. Because otherwise the kind of mass pandemonium caused by a noise like a jet plane crashing into a fuel tanker could cause such a stampede that it’d completely empty Oxford Street. Wait: thrillingly visceral noise AND an Oxford St bereft of people? We like.

For info, see MOJO HONOURS LIST 2011: Dinosaur Jr, Villagers, Wolf People listing or for info of other MOJO Awards gigs, see mojo4music.com.

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