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Lisa Appignanesi and Hanif Kureishi explore the meaning of love at London Literature Festival

Posted at 10:00 am, July 4, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment

London Literature Festival, Lisa Appignanesi © Patrick RedmondIs love the new religion? Or is it, like the old religions, a little bit dead? Is marriage a property deal, an act of public witness or a declaration of undying fidelity? And when fidelity does die, what’s left? At Southbank Centre tonight, Lisa Appignanesi (above), author of the wide-ranging book ‘All About Love’ is joined by Hanif Kureishi, the author of ‘Intimacy’ and candid commentator on amorous angst, to explore this deepest of emotions without any recourse to the usual clichés or self-help psychospeak.

For info, see London Literature Festival : Lisa Appignanesi listing.

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