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News and Views: Is Boris Johnson talking a load of old codswallop?

Posted at 5:30 pm, July 19, 2011 in News

Boris Johnson © Rob Greig / Time OutTime Out’s News Editor Rebecca Taylor reports on Boris Johnson’s reaction to the current NOTW phone hacking scandal: The king of ‘codswallop’ Mayor Boris Johnson was under pressure again yesterday at a hastily convened press conference to explain his position over the phone hacking scandal, and the fall-out from losing 2 senior Met police officers. Regarding his former comments in September 2010 that the affair was ‘a load of codswallop cooked up by the Labour Party,’ he replied: ‘I used that colourful language  because . .no-one had briefed me about what was in the rubbish sack. . .It’s not my role to say ‘Go back and look at that’. In other words, ‘It’s not my fault guv’, I’m just the Mayor.’ Do you agree? Share your views on the news and leave your comments below.

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