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The Comedy Theatre becomes The Harold Pinter Theatre

Posted at 5:00 pm, September 8, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment

Harold Pinter theatre © Julian Anderson / Time OutLegend has it that Tom Stoppard once quipped to Harold Pinter that if The Comedy Theatre – the misleadingly-titled home to many of Pinter’s plays – wouldn’t change its name to The Pinter Theatre, maybe Pinter should change his name to Harold Comedy. Alas, the greatest British playwright of the 20th century passed away in 2008, surname intact. But 3 years after his death, and just after a well-received Comedy Theatre revival of his ‘Betrayal’, ATG Theatres has implemented the name change and a new West End landmark is born: The Harold Pinter Theatre. Said ATG joint chief executive Rosemary Squire to The Stage: ‘It just seemed that after the beautiful production of ‘Betrayal’ and talking to Lady Antonia [Pinter’s widow] after the opening of that show, it just struck us that now was the moment to make the announcement.’ The first production at the renamed theatre will be a Thandie Newton-starring revival of ‘Death and the Maiden’ (opens October 13) by Ariel Dorfman, a friend of Pinter’s.

For info, see Death and the Maiden listing or haroldpintertheatre.co.uk.

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