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Our top five…London pets

Posted at 3:00 pm, September 25, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment

Top 5 London pets - Dick Whittington's CatThe UK is widely renowned across the globe as a nation of pet-lovers, and the capital is no exception. The Time Out team have scoured the city streets in search of London pets and here are our top five:

1. Dick Whittington’s Cat (blue)
This feline (above) may be fictional, but the statue of Dick’s moggy that stands on Highgate Hill is the perfect tribute to one of literature’s most enduring puss protagonists.

2. Giro – the not-a-Nazi dog (red)
Many claim that the late Alsatian Giro (who died in 1943) was a member of the Nazi party, but we can reveal that Giro belonged to German Ambassador Dr. Leopold von Hoesch, a representative of the Weimar Republic and a staunch anti-fascist opponent of Herr Hitler.

3. Humphrey the Downing Street cat (green)
Named after Sir Humphrey in ‘Yes Minister’, the monochrome mouser outlasted the reigns of both Thatcher and Major until being ousted by the Blair’s in 1997. With a yearly upkeep cost of around £100, Humphrey was cheap and cheerful pest control.

4. The elephant of Exeter Change (turquoise)
They say an elephant never forgets and we at Time Out never forget an elephant, especially one with a tale as tragic as Chunee’s (or Chuny). After being brought over to London from his home in Bengal in 1817 by Edward Cross, Chunee was put to death in 1826 – after running amok during one of his regular strolls along the Strand.

5. The Tower of London ravens (yellow)
Not content with scaring the bejesus out of everyone in Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Raven’, these ominous birds have become the iconic guards of the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London. They remain out of a sense of pride and duty…although the clipped wings certainly help.

See where they are below:

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