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Celebrate Jewish New Year with a tour of London’s oldest Ashkenazi synagogue

Posted at 7:00 am, September 29, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment
Sandys Row Synagogue east London Ashkenazi refurbished interior

Nearly 250 years after it was built by refugee French Huguenots (originally as a community church), Sandy’s Row Synagogue reopens in time for Jewish New Year after a £500,000 refurbishment of its original roof. It is one of the last bastion’s of Spitalfields’ Jewish community and the oldest surviving Ashkenazi synagogue in London; its only predecessor, the Great Synagogue of London, was destroyed in 1941 during the Blitz. Now’s a great time to admire the building in all its glory: tours can be booked and are open to all.

For info, see sandysrow.org.uk or find more synagogues in London.

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