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Let one of your keepsakes become a little piece of Clapham history

Posted at 7:00 am, October 4, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment
Andrew Logan sculptor mosaic pieces Clapham commission public library

Eccentric British sculptor and Alternative Miss World founder Andrew Logan has been let loose on Clapham, with a commission from local councils to create public art for the area’s new leisure centre and public library. The sculpture of an enormous, glittery red heart is being built already, but Logan needs the help of local residents for the 2m high ‘Library’ lettering that he’s got planned. He’d like donations of mementos no bigger than the palm of a hand which can be included in the artwork; everything from coins and ceramic to keys and cutlery will be accepted. Take your item to one of 3 collection points so that you can be a truly permanent fixture in the community.

For info, see Andrew Logan in Clapham blog.

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