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London for zombie lovers

Posted at 1:00 pm, October 25, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment

Watch your back, the capital is rife with the undead. We told you a few weeks back about zombie urban chase 2.8 Hours Later which was a total sell-out, but there is plenty more where that came from.

Want to succumb to zombiedom and join the shuffling ranks of the undead? Unfortunately, you’re a little too late for the World Zombie Day festivities (pictured below) but never fear – there’ll be beer (and hopefully BRAINNNNZZZZZ!) at this Saturday’s London Zombie Walk. And by ‘walk’, we mean ‘pub crawl’. Alternatively, Friday night sees polysexual party Popstarz throw a Zombie Fest complete with undead pop icons and mouldy makeover facilities.

World Zombie Day, London, October 2011
If you prefer to stay on the side of the living, acquaint yourself with the necessary zombie-defeating know-how at the Zombie Science 1Z lecture (November 15-17) brought to you by the ‘Zombie Institute for Theoretical Studies.’ For extra credit, consult this incisive research paper, which mathematically models a contemporary outbreak of zombovirus, stressing that ‘an outbreak of zombies infecting humans is likely to be disastrous, unless extremely aggressive tactics are employed against the undead.’ You have been warned.

Zombie Science 1Z
Not the social sort? Then you were no doubt captivated by the definitive depiction of London post-zombie-apocalypse: Cillian Murphy wandering the eerily deserted streets in 28 Days Later:

Deserted London in 28 Days Later.

Ah, the peace and quiet of a capital devastated by a terrifying pandemic. Want to experience it for yourself? Your best opportunity is to take a dawn stroll through the city on Christmas Day. IanVisits did just that, and the results are captivating – here’s a shot to whet your appetite:

Deserted streets of abandoned London.

Spooky. And for more zombies-in-London cinema, look out for the Heygate Estate in the forthcoming adaptation of epic zombie novel World War Z, where Brad Pitt fights the undead horde in the midst of Elephant & Castle’s bleak architectural mistake.

Talking of counter-offensives against the undead menace, we note that civic-minded individuals in Bristol and Leicester have been submitting inquiries to their local councils regarding their zombie-preparedness. (Leicester Council admitted they were ‘unprepared’ while Bristol City Council unexpectedly revealed a top-secret contingency plan.) We can’t help but wonder – is the Greater London Authority prepared for a visit from the living dead? Food for thought. Food… for BRRRRRRRRAAAAINZZZZZZZZZZ *message ends*

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