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Stories to make you shhhhhhhhiver

Posted at 7:00 am, October 30, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment

With Halloween coming quickly over the horizon, here’s our pick of new horror titles to cuddle up with at midnight, if you dare…

1. Jean Teulé’s ‘Eat Him if You Like’ (Gallic, £6.99) 
An account of the horrific killing of Alain de Moneys in the French commune of Hautefaye in 1870.

2. Boris Akunin’s ‘He Lover of Death’ (Phoenix, £7.99)
The latest installment of the long-running Russian detective series. This time protagonist Fandorin must rescue a homeless orphan from the underworld, whilst resisting the aptly named black widow Death.

3. Issue 117 of Granta is ‘Horror’ (£12.99)
Dead dogs, Stephen King’s haunted islands and Walt Whitman’s vampires are all lying in wait inside this season’s premier literary mag featuring real life stories, contemporary fiction, poetry and illustrations of the ghastly variety.

4. Alasdair Wickham (née James Buxton)’s ‘The Black Book of Modern Myths’ (Century, £14.99)
A bubbling caldron of ‘unexplained’ stories of demon possession, haunted machinery, Bigfoot sightings and witchcraft.

5. Gopal Mukerjee’s ‘The Disciples’ (Revenge Ink, £7.99)
Four frenzied psychopaths go on the rampage in a novel that takes in necrophilia, torture and ritualised slaughter.

6. ‘A Book of Horrors’ (Quercus, £18.99), edited by Stephen Jones
A one-stop shop for horror that showcases ‘Doctor Who’ script-writer Robert Shearman and Irish dark fantasy writer Caitlin R Kiernan.

7. Simon Marsden ‘The Twilight World’ (Palazzo Press, £20) 
A who’s who of vampires in words and infrared pictures, you’ll find Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula,’ Anne Rice’s ‘Lestat de Lioncourt’ and of course Stephanie Meyer’s fanged ‘Twilight’ beauties.

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