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Exclusive first review of the Nokia Lumia 800

Posted at 11:00 am, November 1, 2011 in News

Nokia Lumia 800Last week, Nokia announced its newest smartphone, the Lumia 800, and Time Out’s Gadgets Editor David Phelan was lucky enough to snag the very first model to review. Here are his thoughts:

‘So let’s be clear, this phone is gorgeous. It uses the excellent-but-underrated Windows Phone 7 operating system with its fresh, different interface of tiles that move and update onscreen. It adds Nokia specialities like a free Music Mix set-up that streams tracks from the cloud or Nokia Drive for free turn-by-turn navigation and free maps. And it tops it all off by being one of the most exquisitely crafted, beautiful handsets yet seen. It has a powerful processor, a super-responsive touchscreen, decent battery life and a great eight-megapixel camera. A stunning return to form.’

For info, see nokia.co.uk.

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