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Burning down the haus: Arthaus Bonfire Lounge

Posted at 12:00 pm, November 5, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment

It’s an artistic free for all this Saturday 5 November in Hackney’s fine art powerhouse, Arthaus. This sometime laundry, now home to Galerie8, will be stuffed like the proverbial Guy on the bonfire with documentary film, photography and performance art (5- 11pm).  Bonfire Lounge is plotting to expose and explode the double standard of a family friendly celebration that references murder, torture and playing with fire. The curators have called on only the most socially conscious and politicised of performers to illuminate the cloud of political unrest currently hanging over us; including filmmaker Adam Walker, poet Oh Standfast, performance artist Ella Finer and audio-visual agit-prop from Public Broadcasting Service. There’ll be mulled wine (on the haus) to put fire in the belly and ignite the spirit of debate. DJ duo Preston is my Paris light up the dance floor and acoustic ensemble Matt’s Palace provide the jazz, punctuated by the inevitable SFX from the pyrotechnics out in the cold. Kirsty McQuire

For info, see galerie8.co.uk.

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