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Hidden Heroes: The genius of everyday things

Posted at 1:30 pm, November 8, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment

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Ever wondered who invented the ball point pen, paperclip, or condom, for that matter? Spare a thought for whichever unsung hero dreamed up the humble, but indispensible, Post It Note. Immortalised in the ubiquity of their bright idea slapped all over our fridges and desks, yet for the vast majority of rapid note scribblers, totally anonymous. These neglected brainiacs are finally getting the attention they deserve, as The Science Museum hosts ‘Hidden Heroes’ from Wednesday 9 November (to May 9 2012). The  new exhibition celebrating ‘The Genius of Everyday Things’ has parachuted in from Germany’s Vitra Design Museum (a wing of the legendary design ‘haus’ who also flog exquisite furnishings on Clerkenwell Road). Learn how Napoleon had a hand in the tin can and how a descending aeroplane provided the ‘Eureka’ moment for the maker of bubble wrap. You’ll never look at a rubber band in the same way again. Kirsty McQuire

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