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Once you K-pop you can’t stop

Posted at 2:00 pm, November 8, 2011 in Music & Nightlife

U cube MetroYou’ve probably heard of J-pop: the slick, chart-friendly Japanese language pop that garners millions of hits on Youtube. Well, prepare for K-pop. Korea’s currently home to one of the world’s biggest emerging pop scenes, and it’s growing fast. A couple of weeks ago, the first ever K-pop gig in New York saw fans keeping vigil outside the performers’ hotel, queues for tickets starting as early as 4am and a sell-out gig at 15,000 seater venue Madison Square Gardens. And now it’s London’s turn. United Cube in London sees Korean Record label Cube Entertainment put on a roster of their artists at Brixton Academy on December 5. If you want to see what all the excitement is about, make sure you join the queues of screaming fans.

For info, see o2academybrixton.co.uk

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