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The London underground map gets real

Posted at 5:30 pm, November 9, 2011 in News

Central line tube map redesigned © UnherdDon’t get us wrong, we love the Harry Beck’s London tube map like our own mother and know it like the back of hand. However, it can be a tad misleading on occasion as it doesn’t always strictly stick to what is happening above ground. No wonder there are so many out-of-towners looking befuddled in tube stations. To tackle this problem, London-based graphic designers Unherd have unravelled the familiar underground map, peeling apart the different tube lines like a Cheesestring and creating a set of lovely prints with a more geographically accurate design. A useful addition to any household.

Check out your favourite line at unherdprints.com.

Northern line © Unherd Circle line © Unherd Piccadilly line © Unherd

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