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Britain in a Day: Your life on film

Posted at 2:00 pm, November 10, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment

Life in a DayIf you watched Kevin Macdonald’s globe-spanning, user-generated film ‘Life in a Day’ (above) earlier this year and thought, ‘Wish I’d done that,’ then now’s your chance. This Saturday 12 November, Brits are invited to film their days and send the results to the ‘Britain in a Day’ YouTube channel. Ridley Scott is still ushering in the entries while this time director Morgan Matthews takes the helm. He’s encouraging honest, personal films that don’t need to be technically brilliant: if it’s anything like ‘Life in a Day’, we’d expect everyday footage to mix with the funny and quirky; the poignant and revealing. ‘Britain in a Day’ will premiere in cinemas and also be shown on BBC2 in the run-up to the Olympics – a chance to show our overseas visitors what we’re made of. So get out your camera or mobile phone, shoot what you see on Saturday and you could be watching yourself on the big screen next year. But remember, coming out as gay on the phone to your elderly gran has already been done. Drat.

For info, see youtube.com/britaininaday; Read our review of ‘Life in a Day‘.

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