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Stitch London: Get ready to knit the city

Posted at 10:00 am, November 10, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment

Handmade HRH: a tiny Queen and one’s unruly corgis

Could London be the hip-knit capital of the woolen world? We last featured the handiwork of supreme knit-wit Lauren O’Farrell when we alerted Londoners to the guerrilla knitting collective Knit the City, (which she leads in the guise of Deadly Knitshade). When not coordinating illicit-knits to warm up our public spaces with woolen street art, Lauren runs the UK’s largest knitting circle, Stitch London. Her book of the same name has just been published, with innovative novelty patterns ranging from the patriotic to the plain cute (see Tube Mouse below). To get those needles clicking, each book comes with a kit to knit your own Cooey the London pigeon. Kirsty McQuire

For info, see knitthepigeon.com.

Queen’s Guard: he may look small but he’s well-trained

Union Jack Patch: a must for purly king and queens

Knitty City: Baby Big Ben, Tiny Tower Bridge and Pintsized Phone Box

Toerag the Tube Mouse: awaiting your discarded late night kebab

Coo! It’s Cooey the Pigeon, resident of Trafalgar Square & scourge of tourists

Grog the Raven and Fleabag the Fox: knitty city critters (not to scale)

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