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London goes under the hammer

Posted at 4:30 pm, November 13, 2011 in News

Going under the hammerLondoner’s might feel like they own this city but how about actually purchasing a piece of it? What London collectible would you love to get your mitts on?

The gates from the old Wembley Stadium sold at auction at Sotheby’s this week for £5,785. Someone is getting lucky this Christmas. At 16ft by 16ft, these timbre beasts are unlikely to fit in your house, let alone a stocking. And they aren’t the only big smoke themed mementos up for sale at the moment. Here are our top three London lots:

1. London fan

Keep your cool on sweaty rush hour tubes with this eighteenth century folding silk fan, nattily adorned with a map of London. Once you get above ground, just whip it round and you have an ingenious, portable navigating device to rival any smartphone. Best start saving though  – it’s estimated to go for £4,000-6,000 at Sotheby’s.

2. Gold routemaster

It doesn’t get much blinger than this gold routemaster bus. P.Diddy eat your heart out. Unfortunately it’s a replica and only 19cm high so you can’t exactly ride around town on it but we’re smitten all the same. It’s yours for £124.99 on ebay.

3. Illustrated London News

Back in 1867, before Time Out had been invented, Londoners would keep up with what was happening in this fine city by reading the Illustrated London News. This issue from September 14 1867 boasts pictures of HMS Galatea receiving the Emperor of Brazil on his visit to the Dude of Edinburgh and a ‘child with goat’. Thrilling stuff. Bidding starts at £15.95 on ebay.

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