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Live Blog: Occupy London protest at the US Embassy

Posted at 3:00 pm, November 15, 2011 in News

After the dramatic destruction of the Occupy Wall Street camp last night in New York, and the news that the City of London is restarting legal action against the St Paul’s camp, Occupy London organised a solidarity protest today. The plan was to meet on the steps of St Paul’s at 2pm and march to the US Embassy for 3pm. @jonniewilks lets us know the action as it unfolds:

Occupy Protest © Jon Wilks3pm
It is a fairly empty scene outside the Embassy at the moment. According to one policeman, the march is on its way. Some streets are cordoned off and the police presence is notable – enough to make you think things are expected. A few riot vans are positioned around Grosvenor Square, which has been emptied and locked up as a precaution.

Occupy Protest © Jon Wilks 3.14pm
The first two (and only protestors) to have turned up. Emma and Jon followed the Tweets, but seemed as surprised as everyone else to find they’re outnumbered 20-2 by media.

Occupy Protest © Jon Wilks 3.27pm
Ok. It’s starting. Four or five protestors are talking to the police inspector. Two Americans want access to the embassy to speak to the ambassador. The inspector wants them to step into the protestors’ pen to conduct their protest. The protestor says it’s his right to enter his embassy and he’s claiming already that the police are blocking entry. Seems willfully antagonistic on the protestor’s part. The policeman seems to be trying hard to stay calm.

Occupy London © Jon Wilks3.44pm
It hadn’t been a great afternoon for the protestors. This is the size of it. They’re chanting. It’s a bit embarrassing. ‘If you really hate the system occupy…’ The capitalist bankers must be shaking in their silky socks.

Occupy London © Jon Wilks3.50pm
The protestors have folded away their flag now. Someone’s playing This Land is Our Land on clarinet. Protest Jazz.

Solitary Protest © Jon Wilks3.55pm
A solitary stand

Occupy London © Jon Wilks4.02pm
Protesting in style

Occupy London © Jon Wilks4.05pm
US protestors arrive with passports. After a brief debate with the police, they’re allowed to enter the embassy.

Dan, a Londoner who didn’t want to be photographed, said, ‘I came down protest my right to protest’. He thought that the reason that the protest today was so poorly attended was because protesters in New York had been allowed to return to Zuccotti Park, so he felt that this might be ‘job done’.  Some protestors were talking about calling it a day. The few still here seem to be waiting to hear from the American protestors who entered the embassy.

Occupy London © Jon Wilks4.30pm
Everyone’s leaving now. Seems like the protestors can’t even be bothered anymore, so I’m off too.

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