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Close encounters of the absurd kind

Posted at 9:15 am, November 16, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it’s an IFO- Identified Flying Object, to be exact. Architect-turned-artist Jacques Rival’s 9 metre-high rainbow birdcage will come to land in King’s Cross from November 16. This bizarre light sculpture is to become a familiar feature of the N1 landscape and skyline in its two year residency on and above ground, as it alerts commuters, trainspotters (and possibly even alien life forms) to the renaissance of King’s Cross. IFO is the first in the ‘Relay’ series of artistic interventions that will recast this London gateway as as destination in itself. The avian beacon will be elevated into the atmosphere by a giant crane on a monthly basis, and will otherwise welcome curious folk inside its illuminated bars for a sit, swing, or even a seminar. Keep your eyes peeled, as this nomadic structure may take flight to some unlikely spots when you least expect it. Kirsty McQuire

For info, see kingscrosscentral/relay.

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