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Scratch and sniff your way back in time

Posted at 2:30 pm, November 18, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment

Has the incessant fawning over all things vintage had you yawning over your twin set and pearls of late? Odette Toilette’s inaugural Vintage Sessions at the shiny new Les Senteurs Scent Salon asks you to wake up and smell the Caron. This Saturday 19 November, blow away the cobwebs associated with with many of the fustier, dustier retro happenings and take a long, luxurious sniff of an altogether more fragrant time. The nose behind Scratch + Sniff’s innovative, interactive scent-events- typically held at the Book Club in Shoreditch- is branching out to host monthy olfactory soirées in Marylebone. Indulgence is the word as you wind your pocket watches back to the turn of the 20th century. Odette will lay a potent scent trail through the decadent, carefree optimism of high society before the ravages of the Great War. Douse yourself in perfumes of the past, while elegantly partaking of Konditor and Cook cakes. Learn how to look the part in cocktail dresses courtesy of Juno Says Hello and then blow a complimentary voucher for ten English pounds in the shop upstairs. The spirit of the 1890s probably won’t pervade the price tags, but when you smell like a Toulouse Lautrec muse, will you care? Kirsty McQuire

For info, see Scratch + Sniff.com.

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