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Lifting the hex on Generation Vexed

Posted at 4:30 pm, November 21, 2011 in News

Ever feel like we’re being scare-mongered into a culture of fear, where threats lurk behind every corner of our villain and vice-ridden cities? Journalist Kieran Yates (Dazed & Confused, MTV) and author Nikesh Shukla (‘Coconut Unlimited’) believe this is the picture peddled by much of the mainstream media, especially where young people are concerned. We certainly don’t hear much ‘hug a hoodie’ rhetoric any more, afterall. According to Yates and Shukla, prejudiced portrayal of the country’s young blood reached a new low after this summer’s riots.  Their new e-book ‘Generation Vexed’ aims to set the record straight. They can’t deny the looted shops and burning buildings, but they can resist the generalisation and sensationalism that fails to account for the swathes of young people striving to make something of themselves. As part of the digital series ‘Brain Shots’, delivering a stimulating and nuanced response to the ‘Summer of Unrest’, the co-authors swapped juvenile delinquents for young creatives and entrepreneurs behind success stories like online broadcaster SBTV and Live Magazine. Debate the issue at their book launch on 23 November at the Queen of Hoxton.

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