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Food blogger Ms Marmite Lover shares her top 5 secret London spots

Posted at 6:00 pm, November 25, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment

London blogger Ms Marmite Lover portrait Kerstin RodgersFollowing the Itchy London team’s party-orientated London recommendations we have five suggestions from Ms Marmite Lover (also known as Kerstin Rodgers) who has built a whole trend on being secretive. She’s the go-to knowledge for underground restaurants and guerrilla dining, about which you can read a little more below, alongside her other delightful choices.

Secret Supper Clubs
If you want to get to know (and eat with) Londoners of all types – young, old, trendy, rich, poor, creative, foodies – from all over the city and even all over the world, then check out the site above. It has listings for supper clubs all over the world, with more than 200 in London alone.

The Devereux Arms – 20 Devereux Court, WC2R 3JJ
This unassuming and ancient panelled pub near the courts has regular secret society meetings upstairs. Fans of Aleister Crowley and Magick meet every Wednesday night at 7.30pm for ‘The Moot with No Name‘. Go along to one of the talks; entry is only a couple of quid and don’t worry, there isn’t any black witchcraft going on so you’re safe.

Mangal II
The Dalston/Stoke Newington area is well known for housing excellent Turkish food. If you go to Mangal II at a certain time of the evening you might end up sitting next to the famous artist duo Gilbert & George. I don’t bother them, but I like the feeling of sitting next to modern masters while scoffing my meze.

Boudicca’s Mound – Hampstead Heath
I had a boyfriend that was convinced that this mound, surrounded by Scots Pine trees, was of mystical significance and at the centre of a web of laylines. It’s at the top of a hill, and there are benches from which you can view the quiet green of the heath. Boudicca’s last battle against the Romans was supposed to have occurred here, before she killed herself. I believe it was surveyed but no tomb was found. Interestingly, Boudicca is rumoured to have been buried at Kings Cross Station, around where the famous platform 9 ¾ from Harry Potter is located. I wonder if JK Rowling knows that.

Bonnington Square
In the 1970s this used to be a squatters’ enclave, with houses that were abandoned and then rescued by squatters. Squatters get a lot of bad press but actually they can save buildings, which sometimes die if they are not lived in. The Bonnington Café still retains the community vibe; different chefs cook every night. The square itself is guerrilla gardened, paving stones lifted and bulging with palm trees and interesting vegetation.

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