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Piss-powered fun and games

Posted at 9:30 am, November 25, 2011 in News

Toilet © Time OutLondon has had its fair share of firsts, the discovery of penicillin and the world’s first set of traffic lights, to name a couple. But neither, you must surely agree, will ever prove as important as the invention being unveiled in a Balham pub this morning. For today – oh, glorious day! – London bears witness to the launch of what the developers claim is the world’s first urine-controlled video game (although we think SEGA might have something to say about that).

The piss-powered console (no, not the latest Wii – guffaw!) will be unveiled to the world press at The Exhibit, a bar in Balham, at 9.30am. Three games will be on show, and gamers will be able to interact using their own naturally grown joysticks, controlling what’s going on onscreen by peeing onto a sensor in the urinal. Groundbreaking stuff. Keen to get at least one eye on the product itself, we’ve sent along our techie blogger to see what’s what.

Follow him on @jonniewilks for the latest goings on, and check back here later today for his in-depth report.

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