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The Blogmistress’s New Year’s Resolutions

Posted at 10:00 am, January 4, 2012 in News

Roller Girl DerbyI most probably won’t keep them or even remember them but there is no harm in starting off the year with a few good positive intentions…

Learn to be a roller derby girl
I may not be strong or able to skate but I have plenty of raw aggression that I could channel into smashing the opposition to smithereens. Of course, I also like the idea of having a pun-tastic roller girl name but you can’t get this until you reach a certain level. I better start training now. Watch this space.

Get on more roofs
London looks totally different from up high. As soon as you rise above the baying masses, the city becomes a calm and beautiful place. I need to get higher.

Run for Mayor
The race is on and I don’t see why I shouldn’t be part of it. I know London better than any of these other folks. Who is with me?!

Explore new areas
I feel like an encyclopedia of London these days but there are still huge gaps in my knowledge. This year I want to have adventures and frolics in pastures new and discover fresh parts of the city.

Chase more celebs
I started this last year with Donatella Versace and want to continue my pursuing (and hopefully catching of celebrities) well in to 2012. Watch your backs folks, this gal is coming to chat.

Win a gold medal
It can’t be that hard. Can it?!

Eat more
No one could claim that I didn’t eat my fair share in 2011, but man, my hunger is insatiable and I want to just keep eating my way around the city. With new places popping up all the time and old ones yet to try, I wonder if I could eat out somewhere new every night this year…

Write the perfect pun headline
I don’t know if you realise the time, effort and love I put in to writing my puntastic titles. There is an endless search for the perfect pun and this year I hope to find it. By the way, puns always welcome. Email me your faves.

Start a new trend
If I start wearing something silly, will you all follow and join me? Let’s create a new trend people. Any ideas? So far, I am thinking swimming caps, clothes made out of maps or Carmen Miranda style fruit headwear…

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