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Bike protest highlights cyclists plight

Posted at 1:00 pm, January 10, 2012 in News

Bike Protest © Ashleigh ArnottLast night rush hour in King’s Cross was just a touch less rushed as London’s cyclists gathered to protest against the dangerous nature of many of our city’s busiest junctions. Despite being encouraged to walk and cycle more over the last few years, commuters on two wheels have hardly been welcomed to the roads, particularly in central London areas such as King’s Cross where multiple lanes, impatient motorists and a complex one way system would make even a seasoned cyclist nervous. Though the protest, organised by nonviolent protestors BikesAlive, didn’t pull the area to quite as dramatic a stop as intended, nobody could argue that making London’s roads safer isn’t a cause worth addressing. No doubt it won’t be the last we hear along the lines of two wheels good, four wheels bad. Ashleigh Arnott

For more info, see bikesalive.wordpress.com.

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