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The Punning Man reveals his top 5 London puns

Posted at 6:15 pm, January 12, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment

Sean Leahy - The Punning ManAt Time Out towers, we love nothing more than a good pun and can often be found having pun-offs trying to come up with fine wordplay. A man who shares our passion is Sean Leahy aka The Punning Man. He kick-started Pundon Calling! (our London shop and restaurant name puns gallery) and now he has been kind enough to tell us his top five London puns. Prepare to hit the ground punning… 

Dining Street © Eleanor Luker
DINING STREET – Heathrow Airport

My lovely wife travels a lot for work and so sitting in airport restaurants is a regular occurrence for her. When she text me a picture of Terminals 4’s new eatery while waiting for her flight to Colombo it made me love her just that little bit more. I very much like that saying ‘Dining Street’ makes you sound a little bit like the Queen.

The Lamb PubTHE LAMB PUB – Surbiton
My former local is a great little alternative to the usual chain pubs you’ll find up and down Surbiton’s streets. The theme nights they regularly hold are an absolute joy, but the 70s and 80s party at Christmas, which was held in a marquee in the back garden, lead to the best slice of off-the-cuff blackboard advertising you’ll ever see: ‘Now is the Winter of our Disco Tent.’

The Blue Legume © Ian Chaddock.
THE BLUE LEGUME – Stoke Newington
Sent to me a couple of years ago by my good friend Ian, this is a lovely little café tucked away in Stoke Newington (with a new branch recently opened on Upper Street). It always warms my cockles when brilliantly named places are a genuine joy to visit too, and this is no exception. Surely the only way this eatery could be made better is if there was a creature lurking around in the kitchen.

This London-based beauty company completely disregards the usually obtuse presentation of overtly expensive creams and potions, and instead goes for a more realistic angle. Each of its product range is backed up with a great line describing the benefits of its contents. The Body Butter (‘Churned out nice again’) and Facial Cleanser (‘Avoid getting zit faced’) are particular highlights.

Iron Maiden © Milly Swallow IRON MAIDEN – Kingston
Sometimes it’s the power of what is represented more that the gag itself that really makes a pun special, and that is no more evident than at Iron Maiden in Kingston. The thought of a doddery old gal absolutely belting through a pile of shirts and drawers to the The Number of The Beast is one that I’ll never get tired of. I live in eternal hope that the name is just a hilarious coincidence.

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