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First trailer for Wes Anderson’s ‘Moonrise Kingdom’

Posted at 5:15 pm, January 15, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment

On the evidence of its first trailer, the new film from corduroy messiah Wes Anderson looks exactly like, well, a new film from Wes Anderson. Ultra dry, snarky line readings? Check. Rigidly geometric shooting style? Check. Eclectic music selections? Check. Bill Murray? Check. ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ tells the story of two kids who run away from home and the efforts of their families and the townspeople to track them down. On first inspection, it looks like a live-action retelling of Anderson’s superb top-motion animated ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ by way of ‘Badlands’, and there’s even a strange, gravity-defying treehouse in there too. This is the director’s first live-action work since 2007’s (frankly sub-par) ‘The Darjeeling Limited’, but just scanning down the who’s-who cast list – Bruce Willis, Tilda Swinton, Edward Norton, Jason Schwartzman, Bob Balaban, etc, etc, – it’s obviously going to be a must see. David Jenkins

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