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Our top five places to keep warm

Posted at 12:30 pm, January 16, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment

Forget your scarf, hat and gloves combo – try our alternative ideas for keeping warm and cosy.

1. In a curry cookery class
Try your hand at a range of chilli-heavy cuisines that includes Thai curries, Indian biryanis and koftas, and Vietnamese soups at chef Angela Malik’s Acton school.

2. At a rave
Hundreds of sweaty bodies, pumping music, gurning dancers… and if you don’t like techno simply cover your ears. According to our Clubbing editor, the ‘raviest rave of the lot’ is the Mulletover January Sale on January 28. For more red-hot ideas see timeout.com/clubs.

3. In a steamroom
Head for Bayswater’s historic Porchester Spa to be soothed with swathes of steam or gently massaged by warm water jets. It’s not the most opulent, but it remains the most affordable spa in the capital.

4. At a running club
Embrace the cold! Once you’ve done a few laps round the block you won’t even remember that the only barrier between you and the -5C temperature outside is your layer of wafer-thin Lycra. Still keen? The trophy-winning Mornington Chasers offer training and meet-ups throughout the year.

5. On the Underground
We all love to complain about the tube, but spare a thought for how cold and lonely our commutes would be if it weren’t for the warm underbelly of London. Laura Liddell

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