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Make mine a small: new wine measures introduced

Posted at 2:30 pm, January 19, 2012 in Food & Drink
Small wine measures now legal

In 2007, Time Out reported on a new wave of off-licences and wine shops that were selling small, tasting-sized samples of fine wines before customers committed to buying a whole bottle. But one wine bar in particular, the Wonder Bar Selfridges, fell foul of the law, as Westminster council decided this was in breach of the Weights and Measures legislation. But the Wonder Bar – run by internationally respected sommelier Dawn Davies – has won its campaign to change the legislation. Now, pubs and restaurants can sell wines in measures of less than 75ml. What this means for the wine lover is that if you pop down to the Wonder Bar, you can get to try a sip of a Bordeaux Grand Cru, for example, for under £3 to see if it’s to your taste before parting with £30 or more for the bottle. These wines are kept preserved using a high-tech Enomatic system, which prevents the opened wines from going ‘off’. Guy Dimond

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