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Fabulous fitness: Drag Queen Dance Classes

Posted at 12:30 pm, January 25, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment
The Globe Girls

Last week I took my life in to my hands and attended a Drag Queen Dance Class at Floridita run by the infamous Globe Girls. To prepare for this women only class, willing participants are told to dress up (spandex, sequins etc) and bring heels. This may sound a tad ankle breaking (health and safety anyone?) and contradictory to the idea of jumping around and sweating your face off, but this is no ordinary dance class.

Drag Queen Dance Class © Sonya BarberAfter being greeted with a mojito (if they implemented this at my gym, I would definitely go more often), we meet the three Globe Girls. Sweet lord, these ‘ladies’ look amazing. Legs up to their armpits, pert little tushes and serious strutting power to put us all to shame. First off, we are taught how to walk in heels. The room may be small, but we are soon all sashaying across the floor with serious sass. Sitting at the end of our runway is ‘Perfect Pete’ (below) and we are told use him as inspiration and to do our finest poses. I feel mildly mortified but soon it is all just too funny and I find myself voguing up a storm.

Drag Queen Dance Class © Sonya Barber

Sweet lord.

Drag Queen Dance Class © Sonya Barber

Just when we though ‘Perfect Pete’ had heartbreaking abs, in bounces Tornado (or Torpedo as The GGs keep calling him). Ex marine and former Gladiator, David Mcintosh is here to lead a fitness lesson. He promptly whips off his vest (encouraging us to do the same) and gets us lunging and squatting in our heels. This is much harder then it looks and I definitely will stick to wearing trainers at the gym. His insane muscles are awe-inspiring and he looks like he could kill a man with his bare hands, so we do what he says.

Drag Queen Dance Class © Sonya Barber

As a massive fan of the original Gladiators, I was very over excited to meet one in the flesh (literally). Even if he was from the later series. I’m not going to lie to you. He felt amazing.

Drag Queen Dance Class © Sonya Barber

After a refreshment break, the Globe Girls are back to show us how it’s done. This is some serious ass shaking to Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies’ and soon we are learning the routine and jiggling all over the place. Yes, it might not be a serious dance class, but it is seriously hilarious. Inner diva’s unleashed, we do some more strutting and an hour and half has flown by. Having always worried I look like a drag queen when in heels, I now feel that this may not be such a bad thing.

Drag Queen Dance Class © Sonya Barber

How do they look so flawless when I am a sweaty mess?! Clearly, these girls are pros. This is proved when we all powder our noses and head down to the bar to drink some well-deserved cocktails and watch them in action. Although it makes our dancing efforts look laughable, it does show just how hard it is to shake your money maker and still look hot to trot. I might not have got a full workout, but this beats going to the gym hands down any day.

The next Drag Queen Dance Class at Floridita is on February 15. Book now at  floriditalondon.com.

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