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Aveda’s new service gets the flying colours

Posted at 8:45 am, January 29, 2012 in Shopping & Style

Aveda InstituteSince the launch of Bleach’s influential Dalston salon in 2010, experimenting with hair colour has become so popular that it’s almost radical to have a common or garden shade of brown. But anyone who has indulged in the dip dye/ pink rinses so ubiquitous in east London will have a thing or two to tell you about the damage wreaked on your tresses by dramatic dyeing sessions. If you’re thinking about trying something a little different colour wise, then we can’t recommend Aveda’s Full Spectrum service highly enough. Our tester went in to see Bruno Elorrioroz at the fabulous Holborn branch with a dark bob, and came out with an incredibly glossy thatch of densely coloured, fine streaks in a strangely unscary prism of pillarbox reds, purples and oranges. The colour is 96% natural, so you don’t have to inhale the output of a petrol rig while you sit in your foils, and Aveda reassure us the natural dye used is not damaging at all- if anything, the ultra conditioners give your hair a bit of a boost. The Full Spectrum treatment is designed to offer an unlimited choice of colours- as product is blended to whichever shade you choose (a bit like on that Dulux ad) whether that’s a glossy chestnut or an ultra voilet. Go on, be brave. Katie Dailey

From £57 at the Aveda Institute,  0207 759 7355.

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