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Top 10 London record breakers

Posted at 12:45 pm, January 29, 2012 in News

World’s largest 3D artwork hits the streets of LondonLondon saw the attempt to break the record for the longest hug on Thursday January 19 and so we’ve tracked down some other world records made and broken in our very own city. From the largest to the oldest, the impressive to the down right unnecessary, here is the definitive list of London world record achievements.

1. Most live streams to one event
The Royal Wedding saw Kate and Wills become the stars of the most streamed event ever. The official Royal YouTube channel recorded 72 million live views from 188 countries around the globe. YouTube screenings alone were enough to beat the 72 million views achieved at the inauguration of Barack Obama in 2009 – and this is not even taking into account the millions of television viewers and other streaming channels.

2. Most people in human Olympic rings
London ran rings around Beijing’s record breaking efforts when 1,900 athletes and school kids combined to form the largest ever human Olympics rings. This shattered the previous record of 1,202 set at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Now to top their opening ceremony…

3. Largest ever 3D painting
On Guinness World Records Day 2011, London-based street artists ‘3D Max and Joe’ cracked out this daddy of optical illusions (above). The painting created the illusion of a massive crevice tearing through West India Quay near Canary Wharf – mimicking a terrifying plunging waterfall. It beat the previous record of 892.15m² set by Chinese artist Qi Xinghua to become the world’s largest 3D painting. Measuring an impressive 1,160.4m² the painting was commissioned by Reebok to promote their range of work out gear.

4. Oldest Film Studio in the World
Ealing Studios is the oldest continuously recording film studio in the whole world. It survived two world wars and the invention of the talkies and is still capturing classic British films to this day. The grounds were bought  in 1902 by film pioneer Will Barker, who first shot films there with a hand held camera. It became Ealing Studios in 1929 and soon birthed wartime British dramas and the world renowned Ealing Comedies. More recently Ealing has produced John Lennon bio-pic ‘Nowhere Boy’, ‘Dorian Gray’ and both ‘St Trinian’s’ films.

5. Largest scarf knitted while running a marathon
A scarf measuring 1m 62cm (5ft 2in) (that’s as tall as Price, Hillary Duff and Yoko Ono) is the longest scarf ever created while running a marathon. Trust us – we’re not spinning you a yarn – this amazing feat of knitting was achieved by runner Susie Hewer during the 2008 London Marathon.

6. Most piercings on a senior citizen
Hammersmith, West London is home to the world’s most pierced OAP. John Lynch who is known as ‘Prince Albert’ (no prizes for guessing why), was given this prestigious title in April 2011 after officials counted a total of 241 piercings, including 151 in his head and neck.

7. Most lethal smog
In December 1952, a horrific 3,500-4,000 people died in London from acute bronchitis when a thick smog descended on the city, making it the deadliest smog to ever plague a city. Grim, but true.

8. Most expensive prop
Over the years London has set the stage for recording-breaking theatrical triumphs. It has played host to the longest running show of any kind (‘The Mousetrap’), is home to the longest running musical (‘Les Miserables’ – overtaking cats in 2006) and celebrated the youngest actor to win the Lawrence Olivier Award (Liam Mower, aged 13, for his role in ‘Billy Elliot’). The London stage also houses the most expensive theatrical prop ever made – the £750,000 flying car of ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ stardom. The audacious automobile made its first appearance in April 2002 and was created by award winning designer Anthony Ward.

9. The most expensive logo produced for an Olympic games
Love it or hate it, it’s a record breaker (and chances are that you had to chip in a few pennies to contribute). The 2012 London Summer Olympics logo produced by brand consultants Wolff Olins is the most expensive Olympics logo ever commissioned. London forked out a whopping £400,000 for the privilege of a design that was met with mass public disapproval (and even some suggestion that it looked more like Lisa Simpson in a compromising position). Games organisers defended the logo as being (£400,000 worth of?) ‘edgy, dynamic and vibrant’.

10. Longest jump by a guinea pig
The longest leap ever recorded by a guinea pig was achieved by Diesel the guinea pig on 27 July 2009 in London. He hurtled an epic gap of 20.5 cm (8.07 in). That’s just slightly shorter than a standard ruler. Well, quite an achievement for a guinea pig. Lydia Shellien-Walker

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