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Thinking outside the pod: ideas to revamp the London Eye

Posted at 4:30 pm, February 1, 2012 in News

EDF Energy London Eye PodWhen I heard that the EDF Energy London Eye experience had undergone an exciting relaunch, I couldn’t wait to jump aboard. What could it be? I imagined glittery disco balls in the sky with touch-sensitive walls that transported you back to the future. Or something like that. I’ll admit I may have let my imagination run a tad too freely. What the new London Eye experience actually entails is the same capsules complete with interactive Samsung Galaxy Tablet which give you lots of lovely info about what you are peering down upon. Perfect for tourists and locals alike – who doesn’t want to know more about this great city, especially from that height?

The addition came from three months research where other ideas were trialed: playing music in the evenings to make the experience more emotional, a summer themed capsule complete with meadow scent and removing the bench for more space (this did not go down well). I am not surprised that the unobtrusive and useful tablets came out on top.  But as good as they are, I couldn’t help thinking that this giant ferris wheel with amazing capsules floating above the Thames could house many more incredible experience enhancing things to give the visitors a ride of their life. Here are just a few of the alternative suggestions that we came up with here at Time Out…

Pop-up pod
London is all about fleeting fun these days so why not fill the capsules with a selection of ever changing pop-ups: supper clubs, shops, speakeasies, flashmobs. You wouldn’t ever get bored.

Secret pod
People love secret stuff – cover the pods and make it a lucky dip. A thrilling ride guaranteed.

Sleep pods
Seems like a waste of the view but hey, this is napping in style. Also could be a meditation pod for contemplating life from a great height.

Silent disco pod
Pick your music, bathe in the glow of the glitter ball and shake your tush.

Sex pod
Don’t come a knocking when the pod is a rockin’…This is one for the exhibitionists.

Punchdrunk pods
Each pod has a  different interactive story and you are embroiled in an intimate 30 minute performance.

London ipod
Choose your tunes and rock out.

Speaker’s pod
Need to get something off your chest? Here is your half an hour of fame with a captive audience. Literally.

Time machine pod
It won’t actually take you through the ages but it could be full of screens instead of windows to give you a view over the city from different ages or London-if-sea-levels-rose-10m, etc..

God pod
Listen in to all the other capsules and have the power to trigger a variety of nice and nasty effects within them as you see fit.

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