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Last orders at Greenwich Playhouse

Posted at 9:15 am, February 5, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment

Duchess of MalfiAfter 20 years as a producing theatre, Greenwich Playhouse will close on April 10. The 84-seat venue, attached to the St Christopher’s Inn pub and hostel, is home to the Galleon Theatre Company and stages 12-14 productions per year. ‘The Duchess of Malfi’ (above) looks set to be its last, running from February 21-March 18. The Playhouse’s artistic director Alice de Sousa told Time Out that representatives of landlords Beds and Bars informed her some months ago that they had decided not to renew the theatre company’s lease because they wanted to ‘create extra bunk beds for backpackers’ ahead of the London 2012 Games. A spokesman for the landlords denies this: ‘The claim that Beds and Bars “decided not to renew this popular South East London venue’s lease in order to exploit commercial opportunities offered by the Olympics” is not the case. April 12 2012 was the end date of the lease.’ He told Time Out: ‘Group MD Keith Knowles has said: “We intend to keep the space to be used much in the same way as it is now. Indeed, we would like to see the space used more for all aspects of the arts, and would be happy for you to let people know it’s there for this purpose.” ’ Galleon Theatre Company are currently in discussion with Greenwich Council to find a new site.

For info, see galleontheatre.co.uk.

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