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10 last-ditch chat-up lines for Londoners

Posted at 4:00 pm, February 14, 2012 in News
Bad Valentine: Five Stars

It’s Valentine’s Day – and between you and me, is there any better time to be single? On the one hand, you’re at a safe remove from the maelstrom of date-organising and rose-hunting; on the other, with love in the air, isn’t everyone that bit more receptive to a cheeky amorous advance?

But if you want to utterly ruin any chance of pulling, here are a few choice chat-up lines you might want to deploy – just keep a clean shirt with you for when you get a drink in your face…

Bad Valentine: Time Out

“Hey, want my copy of Time Out? I don’t need it, ‘cos right now, the only thing I wanna do in London is you.”

Bad Valentine: Fine

“Did you forget to pay the Congestion Charge? Because you’ve got fine written all over you.”

Bad Valentine: Knowledge

“Babe, I hope you’ve got The Knowledge. Because you’re driving me wild.”

Bad Valentine: Pop-Up
“Excuse me, but do you run a temporary restaurant? Because damn, girl, you’re making something pop-up.”

Bad Valentine: Get Off

“Sugar, I’m like the Waterloo & City line. I don’t stop until you’re ready to get off.”

And if those don’t work:

“Did I see you in Islington the other day? Because you look like an Angel.”

“Wow, is this a licensed tobacconists? Because they’re the only places you’re allowed to be smokin’ inside.”

“Excuse me, have you got an A-Z on you? Because I’m gettin’ lost in your eyes.”

“Someone as fit as you… you’re a little early for the Olympics, don’t you think?”

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