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Commuters – get your game face on

Posted at 4:00 pm, February 17, 2012 in Technology

PLAYSTATION VITAThumbs itching for frivolity? Trot along to 80 Oxford Street before Wednesday February 22 (11am-9.30pm) and to get a glimpse at the Sony PlayStation Vita – the latest in handheld gaming. The PlayStation Vita Rooms – located next to Currys – officially popped-up last night, to the sound of a DJ battle betwixt Chris Moyles and Tim Westwood (the latter won, if you’re interested). A host of other stars from various celebrity circles were in attendance, while bling-gobbed drum ‘n’ bass maestro Goldie was also spotted pottering about and looking confused.

But what of the console itself? Is this the device to finally prise Angry Birds out of the hands of the capital’s commuters? That’s certainly what Sony, its creators, are hoping. As well as a lush-looking five-inch touch screen, it also sports a rear touch pad, front and back cameras, and plays downloadable games that cost as little as £5 – a tech-spec aimed at taking on smartphone gaming if ever we saw one. At last night’s launch, we particularly enjoyed fiddling with ‘Escape Plan’, a visually slick but simplistic puzzler that sees you tapping, prodding, pinching and swiping your way through a series of booby-trapped rooms. Touchy-feely stuff aside, the launch line-up also includes scaled-down versions of some of Sony’s biggest franchises, including ‘WipEout 2048’ and ‘Uncharted: Golden Abyss’. These and plenty more are available for a hands-on try out, so flex those digits and get involved. Oh, and there’s a special treat in store for those dropping in on February 22, in the form of a free show from grimey songster Tinchy Stryder at 6.30pm. Splendid. David Clack

For info, see facebook.com/playstationaccess.

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