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Hungry? Plates of desire at Boqueria Tapas

Posted at 1:15 pm, February 18, 2012 in Food & Drink

Boqueria The sleek, contemporary setting, with simple wooden floors and unadorned tables, is devoid of the flamenco and bullfighting décor that too often signals 1980s timewarp tapas bars. There are enough familiar-sounding dishes (patatas bravas, tortilla, croquetas) to provide common ground, but elsewhere the menu goes far beyond the usual roll-call found in London tapas gaffs. And the dishes we had were all good. The remarkably sleek new Boqueria Tapas occupies what for years has been an unlucky site, in the no-man’s land between Brixton and Clapham, on Acre Lane. But will people be prepared to hoof it over from the bars of Brixton or Clapham to meet in the middle? We hope so.

For info, see Boqueria Tapas listings.

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