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Tube photo of the day: celebrity dopplegangers

Posted at 8:30 am, February 24, 2012 in News

© Claire Sellar@tube_boob is a Londoner with a love for the tube. To celebrate the great underground’s idiosyncrasies, they started tweeting at @tube_boob to capture some classic tubetastic moments. Here are some of their favourite tube moments…

‘Tube passengers at rush hour are almost perfect clones. Not much interesting happens in a sea of yawning grey suits, except the few poor women trying to accurately apply eyeliner on the jerky Central Line, or the odd crossword or cup of spilt coffee. It’s when you start using lesser-travelled lines at other times of day that things get interesting; or, even better, you spot a celebrity.

Shock, horror! Celebrities need to get around London, too. All those auditions, meetings with agents, book signings and appointments with ‘celebrity’ hair stylists. In truth, the tube is much quicker than driving (or being driven in a flashy limo). In fact, some celebrities choose to take the tube. Probably to make them seem more human. Take Rihanna for example, who recently took the Jubilee Line to one of her concerts at the O2. Surrounded by huge minders, of course, and hysterical fans with cameras.

Mostly though, in true British fashion, we pretend to ‘ignore’ celebs-in-transit; perhaps sneaking furtive glances over the top of The Metro. There’s every chance it could just be a lookalike, and we wouldn’t want to embarrass ourselves on the tube now, would we?’

For more, see @tube_boob.

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