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Highness Café: a cakehole haven in Highbury

Posted at 11:15 am, February 25, 2012 in Food & Drink

Highness Café Anne Faber
Your highnesses of Highbury, cake and tea are served! The stretch between Highbury & Islington and Arsenal known as ‘Highbury Barn’ – now has its first proper cake shop. Highness Café opened at the end of December, and has been luring in passer-bys with its window display of charming cakes. The daily-changing selection includes classics such as carrot cake or coffee and walnut cake, as well as more unusual chocolate mousse tarts and gluten-free orange cake. And it doesn’t just look pretty: a slice of Victoria sponge cake, served on vintage china and decorated with rose petals, was buttery, moist and bursting with strawberry jam and cream. If your highness hasn’t got a sweet tooth, there are also savoury options including jacket potatoes and sandwiches. On our visit the café was brimming with young families on the ground floor, while the first floor was more serene – with students hunched over their laptops, typing away to a background of jazzy sounds and beyond-arm’s-reach screaming toddlers. Anne Faber

For info, see Your Highness Cafe listing.

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