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Guest editor Jeremy Deller takes his art to the streets

Posted at 10:30 am, February 28, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment

Jeremy Deller posterThis week’s special guest editor – the art activist and protest producer, Jeremy Deller – has brought some of the communal spirit of his Hayward Gallery retrospective, ‘Joy in People’, to the pages of the magazine as well as to Time Out’s poster sites all over London. Our critic Ossian Ward profiles Deller, while the artist introduces us to some of his favourite Londoners in the magazine, including those he has collaborated with on making his multifaceted work. One of them is the flamboyant miner-turned-wrestler Adrian Street (below), who introduced the glittery costumes and glam-theatricality to both British and American wrestling, despite coming from a small Welsh mining community. His fetching poster is joined by Deller’s quotation of Shaun Ryder lyrics and the question he asks himself whenever faced with a dilemma: ‘What Would Neil Young Do?’

Have you spotted one of these street posters yet? Email us a picture of one in situ at blog@timeout.com or tweet us at @TimeOutArt. Buy a set now at timeout.com/deller

Jeremy Deller poster

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