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Pie payment: Battersea Pie hands out free lunches to interns

Posted at 4:30 pm, March 8, 2012 in Food & Drink

Magnus of Jack Media & Dan of GDM Digital with their free piesThe world of interning isn’t widely known for its perks – until now. Interning is all about gaining experience, making contacts and mainly because there’s a whopping great recession on and (paid) jobs are scarcer than procreating panda’s. However, now there’s free pie involved. The folks at Battersea Pie are offering a free pie to London interns, all you have to do is tweet @batterseapie with a photo of yourself standing next to your company’s logo or sign and they’ll tweet you a secret code for tasty free pie and mash. Perhaps in time the half baked, pie in the sky dreams of gainful employment we all harbour, will become a reality but for now head down to Battersea Pie in Covent Garden (until Friday 9) for some free grub.  Didi Mae Hand

Don’t miss the gravy train though as they’re only handing out 50 of their scrumptious free pies a day.

Jamie of Battersea Pie

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