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Ittenbari – Soho’s new ramen bar

Posted at 12:49 pm, May 1, 2012 in Food & Drink

Soho has a ‘new’ ramen bar. In the window of Ittenbari is a quick and simple ramen production line. Deep blue and red bowls are filled with stock, either shio (‘salt’ – with seafood extract) or shoyu (with soy sauce). Thin wheat noodles are then scooped out of boiling water and into the stock in one motion. Another pair of hands quickly adds a slice of pork, half a soft-boiled egg and then completes the composition with a scoop of spinach, a bundle of bamboo shoots and some thin slices of spring onion. The interior has changed little since the same site was the Ryo noodle bar, and before that, Men’s Bar Hamine. The plain white-tiled walls, gaffer-taped up air conditioner vents and plastic table tops will win few design plaudits. The service is similarly to the point, with drinks, food and the bill all brought in quick succession, but friendly nonetheless. Annie Lund 

For info, see Ittenbari listing.

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