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Three mayors we might’ve had

Posted at 10:30 am, May 2, 2012 in Fun London, News

We all know who the main candidates are for this Thursday’s mayoral election but just think what would have been if one of these guys was in the running…

Wolfgang Moneypenny

Some of you may remember Mr Moneypenny from our Lives Less Ordinary profile of his exploits to Free South London. Bonkers pledges included ‘hire some drugged up cowboys to build a rollercoaster over the Elephant & Castle roundabout in order to improve the death-rate’. If he’d made it to the ballot sheet, we’d wager that he’d have been the world’s first codpiece-toting mayor.

Tempa T

Vice Magazine’s proposed choice of mayor, Newham grime MC Tempz is better known for brawling with Westwood in his ‘Next Hype‘ video. Still, we’re all for a mayor whose housing strategy involves calling property prices a ‘myth’, peering over the gates of expensive properties and declaring ‘It looks like Epping Forest round here. It looks like some next bush’.

Crucial Chris Dowling

The Monster Raving Loony Party may be the nation’s most established party of wackjobs, but they singularly failed to get any real info out there on their proposed candidate. The only video we could find (and we’re not even 100% sure it’s him), involves him playing tedious, maudlin acoustic rock in a manky-looking, deserted bar. Possibly his policies involved winning GLA votes by boring delegates to sleep. Fortunately, we’ll never know. Alexi Duggins

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