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Five reasons you should go vote today

Posted at 8:15 am, May 3, 2012 in News
Mayoral Campaign

There are hundreds, possibly even thousands, of reasons why you should cast your vote in today’s mayoral election. But we don’t want to waste your precious time with all of them so we have picked five corkers to persuade you why you should flex your democratic muscle.

The Love Interest
Picture this, you’re both shivering in the queue next to each other, checking your phones and BAM! You look up and there he/she is. Your palms clutching your polling cards go sweaty, you stop halfway through a tweet and start to chat about how long you have been waiting for. He/she lives near you. You both like cats and clay pigeon shooting. It is love.

The Moaner
If you don’t turn up and make your mark today, you can’t complain about anything for the next four years. Fact. Don’t like the rising tube fares? Can’t stand the congestion charge? TOUGH. Even if your chosen one doesn’t make it behind the big desk of power, at least you tried. That is something. That is a lot.

The Historic Moment
What happens if something momentous happens at your polling station and you missed it? A streaker with Ken’s face painted on their ass? A punch-up over Boris? A Green Party guerilla garden? A new Occupy camp? This could be the thing everyone is talking about and you were too busy stalking people on Facebook to go vote. Shame on you.

The Power Trip
You may feel like your ballot paper is just one flimsy paper voice in a sea of millions but what if your vote was the one that tipped the balance? It only takes one to swing it and that could be yours. Just think of it. Think of the power! Can you smell it? Mmmmmmm. If there is only one reason to schlep to the polling station, this should be it – the sweet taste of democratic power.

The Excuse
At the very very least it is a damn good reason to be late to work or to leave early. ‘Sorry I am late, there was a big queue at the polling station’ will be way more palatable to your employers than ‘sorry, my alarm didn’t go off’.

Still don’t know who to vote for? Find out what the mayoral candidates have to say. Or read about three mayors we might have had.


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