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Occupy this: global spring to protest against the 1%

Posted at 5:45 pm, May 11, 2012 in News
Occupy Map

This Saturday (May 12), the global Occupy movement will be back in full force. From Madrid to Moscow, New York to Athens, thousands will take to the streets armed only with their peaceful methods, a desire for justice and, of course, their tents – to reignite the campaign against corporate greed and economic inequality. St Paul’s Cathedral is set to be the focal point of Occupy London’s movements – just over two months after the tents were last evicted from the site. If you’re feeling indignant, then join the resilient protesters at 1pm as they kick off with a teach-out – a political session led by the Tent City University (in other words, the educational offshoot of OccupyLSX) – that aims to encourage an informed political response and viable economic solutions. Protestors then plan to visit the City institutions that they say ’caused and continue to profit by the crisis’- aka a guided tour of the London Stock Exchange and Canary Wharf. The movement is targeting the ‘1%’, the financial and corporate elite who they believe are to be blamed for bringing the global economy to the brink of despair. To help visualise their discontent, protesters will be distributing a handy map of said ‘1%’. With the distribution of wealth in the UK now the most unequal across Europe, it’s set to be a passionate and provoking protest. Just don’t expect it to last just one day – we predict another tent city. Lisa Paul

For info, see Occupy Facebook page.

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