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How to celebrate your birthday at work in style

Posted at 4:02 pm, May 16, 2012 in Fun London

BirthdayPeople of London – today is my birthday (ahem, please send all presents/cards/flowers to Time Out Towers) and like so many folks these days, I am spending it at work. But it isn’t all doom and gloom, not by far. Here are five reasons why it is great to spend your birthday working…

Any good office should celebrate you with a big old hunk of cake, accompanied by an awkward card giving and possibly even an embarrassing sing-along. It is a rite of passage into your new year and although it feels mortifying at the time, secretly you’ll be well chuffed. And you get to spend the day high on sugar and cry if you want to.

Your day, your tunes
Right now there is a Sonya playlist blasting out of the office stereo. It is power ballad central. Yes, other colleagues are looking over in disgust but they can’t say anything as it’s my birthday. I think they are secretly loving it anyway.

Coming in on your birthday makes you look really dedicated to the cause. People should be dead impressed with your keen work ethic and reward you by not asking you to do much. Which leads me nicely on to reason 4…

Lazy day
You can’t be expected to work on your birthday. In fact, this is probably the one day of the year you can be late, hungover, drunk (we don’t advise this one) and take it easy. Make the most of this golden opportunity (she says while blogging like a demon!)

Extend the fun
Save the holiday you would have taken and celebrate another time. Double the fun. Everyone’s a winner. Well, you are anyway and that’s all that matters today

Sonya Barber

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