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Guts, gore and glam: the ’70s Brit Thriller returns

Posted at 3:00 pm, May 17, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment
And Soon The Darkness

Strikes, power cuts, racial strife and enormous hair – Britain in the 1970s was a pretty grim place. And inside the cinemas, things weren’t much better – in previous decades, folk had fled to the movies to avoid the harsh realities of everyday life. But, oddly, British cinema wasn’t offering a huge amount in the way of simple escapism back then – even the films tended to be dour, violent and obsessed with gender, race and politics. Well, that may have been a problem for ’70s audiences, but it’s a boon for us now. Looking back, we find a veritable treasure trove of wild, savage cinema, much of it still relatively unknown. And, even luckier, we have a guide into that world, in the form of insanely knowledgeable, fast-talking film freaks Filmbar 70. Today’s (May 17) event at the Roxy Bar and Screen in Borough sees the Filmbar crew delve into the world of the ’70s Brit thriller with an informative talk, a screening of overlooked killer-on-the-road flick ‘And Soon the Darkness’ and a ‘psychotronic’ after-party featuring the best in ’70s freakout sounds.

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